How to Change The Contact Details & Address In Income Tax Website?

Many people move from one house to another. This is definitely a tiring and hectic task. But with such a move or change in location, a few other problems creep up that most of us almost always forget about. One such problem is the need for changing or updating the contact details and address with the Income Tax Department. There are different types of communications that are forwarded from the IT department. The mode of communication depends on the nature of the information that needs to be conveyed. Usually, the department uses three communication mode:
  1. Mobile number: This method is used for sending tax alerts.
  2. Email ID: This method is used for sending all communications related to income tax.
  3. Correspondence address: This method is used only when the IT department needs to send physical documents like Income Tax Demand Notice, Check Refunds etc.

In the event of a change in location, it is very important to update the correspondence address so that the documents are properly delivered to the concerned person. These documents contain vital financial information that should not fall in incorrect hands.

Thus, if you have recently changed your location and shifted to a new home, you need to update your correspondence address else, all physical documents will be delivered to the old address.

The Question is, ‘How to Update the Address in Income Tax Website?’

This is quite a difficult task if you are planning on physically visiting the Income Tax Office and get it done the old-fashioned way. It involves time and can literally mean wasting one complete day! To avoid that from happening, you can do this quickly by accessing the online service provided by the IT department. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:
  1. Visit the official website of Income Tax Department by following this link.
  2. You will find the login option on the right side of the website. It is a yellow button which reads ‘Login Here’. Clicking on it will send you to the login page where you need to provide your User ID (it is your PAN Card number) and password. In case you are not already a registered member, you can register by clicking on ‘Register Yourself’ button.
  3. Once you log in, you need to navigate to the Profile Settings and visit My Profile Option.
  4. There you can notice a tab for your correspondence address details. Click on the tab.
  5. Once the address is displayed, you will find an option of updating your address.
  6. Change the old address to your new address, recheck again and click on ‘Save’.
That’s all! Your address will be updated immediately. You will not receive any kind of SMS or email notification. If you are not sure whether the address has been updated or not, log out of your account, log back in, navigate to your address tab and you will notice the updated address showing up.

What if your email ID or phone number changes?

This can actually happen and in fact, it happens pretty often. There may be many reasons that lead to a change in email ID or phone number. In case these details change for you, you need to update them as well with the Income Tax Department.

The process of updating these details is almost the same as in case of changing or updating the correspondence address, except that there will be a few more steps to follow. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the same:
  1. Login to your account using the link provided earlier.
  2. Navigate to profile settings and then to My Profile Option.
  3. There you will find a tab for ‘Contact Details’.
  4. Click on the tab to see your old email ID and phone number(s).
  5. Update them and click ‘Save’.
  6. Verify the newly updated details. In case you need to change them, click on the button that reads ‘Go Back’.
  7. In case no changes are required, click on the button that reads ‘Continue’.
  8. Once you hit continue, two separate PINs will be generated. One PIN will be sent to your mobile number and the other to your email ID.
  9. In case the PINs are not received within a few minutes, click on ‘Resend PINs’. The system will resend the PINs to your email ID and your mobile number.
  10. The website will ask you to enter both PINs in verification fields. Do so and click on ‘Submit’.
  11. The PINs remain active for 24 hours. In case you fail to use the PINs within 24 hours, you will have to repeat the entire process all over again.
  12. Once the whole process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email and a confirmation SMS from the Income Tax Department.

That is how you change/update your contact details and address on the Income Tax website. In case you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. We will do our best to answer them.

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