Steps to Change (Update) Name OR Surname In Aadhaar card {Online & Offline}

It has been observed that some of the Aadhar Card Number that has been received have some incorrect information in them.  This article would be focusing on updating or correcting your aadhar card Name or Surname or Both through offline and online mode. Also, it will let you know how to check recently updated aadhar card status as well.

    REASON: Why your Name/Surname is Incorrectly Printed on your Aadhar Card?

  • You might have made the mistake of typing your name or surname incorrect while filling up the aadhar card form
  • The person who is responsible for uploading the data from your form might have made this mistake
  • You are now married and want to change your surname.
  • You are a divorcee and want to change your surname.

All of the above cases will land you in this problem. But updating such kind of information is not that tough these days.

Procedure to Change Name OR Surname in Aadhaar card through 2019 {Online Mode}

  1. Please follow this link and fill up the form. (You will have to fill the form in English as well as your native language)
  2. Upload all the required documents before submitting this form
  3. Please note the Aadhar Card Update Request Number (URN) that the system has generated after you have submitted your request. This URN number will help you to check your update request.
You can wait for some 15 working days and check the status of your request using the URN generated at the time of submission. Procedure to check your update status is mentioned in this post below.

Steps to Change/Update Name OR Surname In Aadhaar card Via India Post Courier {Offline Mode}

If you are not well versed with the online system then you can use the traditional way of changing your name or surname in your aadhar card through this offline system
  1. Please visit the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal - SSUP
  2. Fill the form in both English and your local language, the local language should be the same as you had filled it at the time of applying for your aadhar card.
  3. Fill all the English fields in the form in Capital Letters
  4. Self attest all the required documents and write your aadhar card number on each document
  5. Keep the filled form and documents in an envelope. Write “ Aadhaar Update/Correction” on the top of the envelope.
  6. Post this envelope on this address. You will receive a receipt of your application with URN number through a post in some days. You can use that URN number to check the status of your request.

Address of UIDIA office
Unique Identification Authority of India
Planning Commission
Government of India
3rd Floor, Tower II
Jeevan Bharati Building
Connaught Circus
New Delhi – 110001

Procedure to check the status of updating your Name or Surname in your Aadhar card
  1. Please follow this link Aadhar card status
  2. Enter your aadhar Number and URN. Then press the submit button.
  3. If your aadhar card successfully generated then you will display the message like "You aadhar card is Generated Successfully"
  4. And if not generated then wait for a few days more. because aadhaar generation process will be in progress. whenever done you will be notified by SMS or Registered Email which you're given at the time of enrolment.
  5. Done.
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