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How to Create a Mobile app without Coding Knowledge?
Did you ever dream of launching your own mobile app for your business? If you run a business, you will know that it has become kind of an industry norm to have mobile apps for capturing mobile traffic. One may ask, ‘why what’s the problem with a scalable website?’ You can actually stay satisfied with a mobile-friendly website. This, however, holds true if you provide no additional services apart from what you provide on your website. A mobile app makes sense if you desire to provide additional services that a normal website will otherwise not allow. For instance,

  • You may want to send push notifications for say, a discount coupon. Creating a mailing list and sending emails to users is somewhat difficult. A mobile app makes it easy. All you have to do is use your app dashboard and send the message. Anyone who has installed the app will get the message irrespective of the platform.
  • You may want to provide additional discounts for a limited time. You can achieve this by using mailing lists but the problem is most people either don’t check the emails or they simply check it after a significant time frame. A mobile app can notify users instantly.
  • A mobile app can always be used for enhancing user experience. The way a mobile app can collect data about user behavior differs dramatically from the way any analytics system provides for a website. Traffic data from a mobile app is far more robust and comprehensive.

One cannot deny that having a mobile app for business helps to increase brand loyalty and visibility. It allows for better brand recognition. It creates an image that the business is serious enough as people know that building a mobile app requires quite some financial investment and business investing in a mobile app is a long term market player. This alone is enough to create a brand image.

Well, speaking of money required for building a mobile app, it is true that mobile app development is very complex and requires huge investments. Especially if you are looking forward to having an app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms at the same time. Even for one single platform, the minimum required for the development of a basic mobile app is at least 1 lakh rupees.

That sucks! Ain’t it? Well, if you are running a low budget, don’t get disheartened. You can still have a mobile app. Good thing, you don’t need to hire a developer or learn app development. All you need is a clear image in your mind about the design and features you want. Once you have that, turn to Google and use this one simple search phrase: “Online platforms for mobile app development”. Voila! You will get a list of online services that will allow you to develop mobile apps for different platforms with simple DRAG AND DROP experience. Isn’t that nice? Let us look at some of the top online platforms that you can use for building your mobile app without coding knowledge or draining your bank accounts.

A quick look at basic features:
All platforms have their unique strengths and they also have weaknesses. Here is a list of basic features provided by all:
  • All platforms provide a drag and drop function. All you have to do is design the interface by dragging and dropping elements wherever you want.
  • All platforms will allow you to update your apps. In fact, you don’t need to do anything. The platforms will upgrade the app API once the OS versions are updated. This will keep your apps up-to-date.
  • All platforms have both free and paid versions. Free versions dramatically reduce features availability. With paid accounts, you can create amazing apps with more advanced features. Paid versions are still cheaper than having a custom app built using developers.
  • Most of the platforms have multi-layout testing features. This means that you can actually test your mobile app with different screen resolutions and layouts (portrait and landscape).
  • All platforms will allow you to have your app ready within minutes. Publishing the apps in respective app stores will be slightly difficult. For example, Play Store from Google charges nothing for listing apps but the App Store of Apple will charge a fee. So, depending on which platform you select, you may have to spend some additional amount of money.

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As far as app monetization is concerned, not all of them will provide the feature. Some that provide will allow you to sign up with their preferred ad networks and place ads inside your apps. Any user who clicks on the ads while using your app will help you earn revenue. Some of the platforms will take a certain percentage of the revenue while some may give you 100% of the revenue.

The only app builder platform which is extremely limited and doesn’t even offer drag and drop feature is App. Yet?! This platform is perfect for those who don’t care about how the app looks and feels. Still, we don’t really recommend this platform as an app has a lot to offer in terms of user satisfaction and customer loyalty.
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