How to Turn On BitLocker in Windows 8?

BitLocker and BitLocker To Go is a great Security feature in Windows 8 Operating system, which provide full drive encryption for fixed and removable drives, respectively providing protection for your data even when the drive is removed and accessed from elsewhere.
Just Follow Below given simple steps for Enabling BitLocker in Windows 8.

Turn On BitLocker in Windows 8:

Step 1 First Right Click on the Drive in which you want to enable BitLocker and Select Turn On BitLocker.

Step 2 Tick Mark on Use a Password to Unlock the drive, then Enter your password in the box and Click on Next. (You can also use Smart card to unlock your drive. For using smart card tick mark on Use my smart card to unlock the drive and then you will need to insert your smart card)

Step 3 Now take back up of your recovery key and save it to Microsoft account, USB flash drive or print the recovery key. It would be a good idea to save a recovery key into a USB flash drive.

Step 4After Saving your Recovery Key Click on the Next.

Step 5 Now you are asked how much of your drive to encrypt, select options according to your need and click on Next.

Step 6 Now You are asked Are you ready to encrypt this drive ?, Click on Start Encrypting.

Step 7 Drive Encryption process will be started. Once the Encryption process is completed Click on Close.

Step 8 Restart your computer and you will see that your drive is protected by BitLocker.

Unlock Drive:

  • To Unlock Drive, Right Click on the BitLocker Enabled Drive and select Unlock Drive.

  • Now Enter your Password and click on Unlock.

Change BitLocker Password:
  • For Changing BitLocker Password just Right Click on the BitLocker Enabled Drive and select Change BitLocker Password.

  • Enter Old Password, new password, Confirm the new password and Click on Change Password.
That’s It! Your BitLocker password will be changed successfully.

Turn OFF BitLocker in Windows 8:

  • If you want to Turn OFF BitLocker, then just Right Click on the BitLocker Enabled Drive and select Manage BitLocker.

  • Click on Turn OFF BitLocker.

  • Now decryption process will start and BitLocker will be disabled on your drive within few seconds.

Click on Close Button.

That’s It!

Note - BitLocker is used for Fixed Drive while BitLocker To Go is used for removable USB flash drive.

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