Steps To Online Money Transfer To India!

These days value of the Rupees is falling and NRI who are outside India for short/long period of time or lived outside India, want to transfer the money to their family members. We tried to compare the rate of various agencies and we found one of the best for you all. Axis remit is the one in which belief the exchange rate to be good. So here we have to provide the process of money transfer:

How To Transfer Money Online To INDIA!!

Step1:  Go to the link see the screen

Step 2: Login with your login details and if you do not have a login then you need to first create it as a new user. Once you login you will see the below screen

Step 3: In that screen click on Add new beneficiary tab and you see the below screen. Enter all the details about the person whom you want to transfer the money. After filling all details and select the delivery option-click the submit button then you have to fill your bank details into which the money will get credited.

Step 4: Fill the account information where you want to transfer money like account number, account type and bank name. When you select the bank name so than a small pop up come in which you have to select the city of the bank.

When you select the city of the bank then another pop up come where you have to select the IFSC code of the bank then click the submit button you have to add the beneficiary account successfully and get the following screen

Step 5: Now click the send money tab and click the send money now button, then the screen is open

Then select the beneficiary to whom you need to transfer and fill the amount which you want to send and click the continue button. This will generate the details that you need to fill into your from which money needs to be debited. That’s it your money will take 2-3 workings days to get credited into your beneficiary account.

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