{Top} Small Business Ideas with Low Investment You Should Try Once

You pass out of college and one of the most thought after dreams has to start your own business.  This happens to most of us.  However, not all of us are able to start our own business and very few among those who start are able to successfully run it.

Business requires good planning and a sufficient amount of investment.  This does not mean that you can’t start your own business with low investment.  Following is a list of small businesses that you can start with low investment and then grow gradually with your hard work and dedication.

TOP Small Business Ideas with Low Investment - You Should Try Once

Recruitment Firm: Recruitment is an unending process. There is still a huge gap between aspiring candidates and the number of vacancies in various sectors.  This business involves the minimum investment and only networking and right planning can take you places.

Real Estate Consulting: The more people earn money, the more they would look for modes of a wise investment. And there could be nothing better in India than real estate investment.  Real estate consultants charge somewhere between 1% to 2% of the sale amount, which is a huge return considering the prices involved in real estate deals.  Moreover, this business does not involve much investment manpower and thus you can start it from anywhere and any level.

Man Power Resourcing: Big companies do not hire every employee on their own payroll.  They get into a contract with Man Power Resourcing firms in order to hire employees involved in low skill works.  If you have viable resources, you can start a manpower resourcing business and provide these services to various big companies.  This business idea requires the right planning and a lot of networking.

Kirana or Grocery Store: If you want a business that would grow exponentially, Kirana Store or Grocery store would be the best bet.  The only thing required here is the way you are going to do it and deliver the things in a way which others are not doing.  You could start door to door services through internet or take orders through a web application, whatsoever.

Start a Book Store: It is one of the great things which most of the people overlook.  However, it requires a substantial amount of investment, but you can start it from any level, i.e. with any money you have in hand.  You would need to rent a place to start your book store and get in touch with publishers to keep a stock of books or stationeries.

Festival Gifting Business: India has the highest numbers of festivals in the world.  These days when everyone is so busy and living away from their families, celebrating festivals is largely dependent of the availability of resources.  If you can make gifts and other festival resources available at affordable prices, your business is bound to flourish.  Online festival gifting is one of the most effective ways you can start with.

Mobile Food Vendor: The restaurant business is saturated now and people have become busy enough to travel to a nearby restaurant in order to have their lunches.  If you can, a mobile food court is one such option through which you can start earning decent money.  You just need a van to take your food to an office joint and the footfall would be unpredictable with the right choice of menu.

Blogging and Website: This is something that you can start with least or no investment.  The domain name would cost a few hundred rupees and you can start it from the Google blogger if you do not want to make an investment in getting your own blogger design.  There are plenty of design options available for the blog, which you can choose from and start writing your blogs.  The more your blog becomes popular, the more revenue you can generate out of it.

Insurance Agency: This is not really a new business, however, it is always profitable to start it.  The only input it requires is how much time and energy you can invest in building a network and getting your target met.

Gift Shop: Gifts sell irrespective of seasons.  If you have a flair of creative items, you can start a gift shop.  It is one of the faster developing small businesses.  The only thing you would need to keep in mind is the location of the shop.  If it is at a good location, your business would prosper.

Event Management: With people becoming busy and demanding, no one wants to manage their celebrations and events.  Every marriage arrangement is being outsourced now, no matter how big or small the task is and thus there is a huge scope in event management.

Online Shopping Portals: there are a number of online portals these days which sell almost everything under the sky.  One of the best things about these portals is that these companies do not source the items directly.  They instead use vendors to sell products on their online marketplace.  If you have a product that you can get at good prices, you can register them at these portals and get millions of customers at just one place.  The investment is low; however, the returns could be exponential.  They have a huge customer base and all you would require is just sourcing the product from backend and making it available on demand.

Become a Trainer: No matter who you are, you would be good at at least one thing that people would want to get trained on.  You could be a voice and accent coach or an educational tutor, but the money involved is decent.  One of the best aspects of becoming a trainer is that you work in a safe environment along with being self-employed and manage your own sweet time.

Starting an Ice Cream Parlor: Ice creams are no more a delicacy of just summers.  People these days enjoy it every time and in every season.  If you can open an ice cream parlour at a relevant location, the business is bound to prosper.

Chocolate Shop: Everyone loves chocolates, but you won’t find many shops which specifically sell chocolates.  The success of a chocolate shop is self-explanatory as it is being loved by all, across boundaries.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant:  On a daily basis, more than hundreds of websites are published online every day. All of these websites, commercial as well as information, want to be searched well on search engines.  If you have a flair for software-related work, you can learn SEO within a few months and start working as an SEO consultant.  The more you move ahead in this business, the more you are likely to make good money.

Yoga Instructor: If you want to make some money while working part-time, yoga instructor is one of the most respectable small businesses.  If you are not a certified instructor, you can undergo the required courses in order to become one.  Once you are, the possibilities and endless with the right marketing.

Wedding planning Firm: No one these days want to arrange everything for their wedding.  Everything has become outsourced and this is the reasons few wedding planners are making huge money during wedding seasons.  However, before you start your wedding planning venture, you should check yourself whether you have the required aesthetic sense and the managerial skills to multi-task.

Jewel Making: This business requires skill and love for gold.  If you have that approach and skills, it is quite a profit-making business.

Interior Design: These days, everyone wants to live in a nicely decorated house and that’s only because everyone can afford it.  You can start an interior designing firm and this does not involve much money.  If you are not an expert at interior design, you can get into a contract with an able interior designer and do the marketing and management for them and make money out of the entire process.

Some more Small Scale Businesses and Industries ideas in India

  1. Clothing Industry
  2. Ceramic Business
  3. Poultry Industry
  4. Leather manufacturing industry
  5. Sports products manufacturing business
  6. Glass product manufacturing business
  7. Paper product manufacturing business
  8. Wood products business
  9. Food products business
  10. Handicrafts industry business

The industries/businesses listed above are ever-green business and you can start with the minimum set or required.  You should, however, consider the pros and cons attached to them in detail before venturing.

Here are few more business ideas for a small investment
  • Online Kirana Shop
  • Custom made gift store
  • Online book store
  • Freelance content writing
  • Recruitment firm
  • Starting or writing online blogs
The ideas listed above are unique in character but have a good future in times to come.

Here are some more creative and innovative business ideas for you:

Web Designing Firm: if you want to start a web designing firm on yourself, you do not necessarily need to is web designing.  There are several free templates available online, which you can customize and sell for a good price.

Creative gift article shop

Mobile application development: if you can think differently and your skills allow, you can start developing customized mobile applications that can be used for several businesses for their automation and convenience.

Become an investment advisor: if you have flair for financial planning and know, how you could become a financial advisor to an individual as well as to a firm and earn decent commissions.  You can start it from anywhere and no big investment is required, except for the marketing that you would have to do.

Mutual Fund Agent: in order to become a mutual fund agent, you would have to pass AMFI certification.  Once you become a certified agent, you would be eligible to promote various mutual funds schemes and earn handsome commissions out of it.

Starting a Coaching Centre: Education has become demanding and costly.  During such times, coaching centres are inevitable.  The more the number of students grows, the more will the demand for coaching centres rise and this is an unending process.  If you hire good tutors at your coaching centre, the revenue generated could be huge.

Becoming a nutritionist: With people getting busy and hectic, the need for good and balanced food has risen. And this is why there is a demand of good nutritionist everywhere.  You can undergo a short term course and start advising people on their nutrition and related issues.

Grocery Delivery Service:  In urban areas, people have become quite busy and no one has enough time to go to a grocery store and buy their stuff.  In such a situation, if you can start up a grocery delivery service in your area and charge a mere commission or service charge, the revenue is exponential in the long run.  You can create innovative service solution and beat the current way of how things work.

Resume Writing: A good resume is a reflection of the candidate and not all candidates are able enough to write a good resume for themselves.  If you have a niche for writing good content, you can start your resume writing firm and help people get better job possibilities thereby earning decent money out of the entire process.

Online Plumber Works:  Plumbing is a service which is not often required, however, when it is required, the turnaround time is quite low.  During such a need hour, if you can provide online plumbing service, you can earn whatever service charge you demand.  During the recent few years, few startups have been making good money out of plumbing services.

Upcycled Furniture Business: Upcycled furniture is in trend these days.  If you can learn the skills of the business, you can make good money.

Personality Development Coach: These days, every job requires a certain level of communication skills and personality traits that are not really taught in schools and colleges.  If you have an interest in coaching, you could become a personality development coach and work as a self-employed.
You could start a plant nursery if you can spare some land for it.

Home Painting Services: With rising aesthetic demands of interior designing, the need for good painting services is rising in India.  And to your surprises, the fees and prices involved in such services are good and decent enough for you to start from somewhere.

Last but not least, the business ideas listed above are based on the latest trends in the market today.  The best business idea for you would be the one with which you are completely attached with your heart and soul into it.  The success and failure of any business largely depend on the intent and planning and the rest of the things follow automatically.

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