[Top 12] Ways to Make Money Online in 2019 You Should Try Undoubtedly

Money is the extremely requirement of people for smooth survival. Everyone wants to earn extra money to add more space to his or her budget. If you are reading this post then I can assume that you are also looking for the ways to make some extra money, which do not require an initial investment.

Make Money Online In 2019: Extremely Genuine Tips You Should Not Avoid!

In this digital age, money can be made through a digital platform, unlike earlier days where you need to get to attend your office nine to five to earn your bread and butter. If you are already aware of various ways of making money online, you can simply hit the back button and dive into other articles, but if you are a newbie in this field, then this post is going to be your formal initiation to the awesome journey of online money making.

Now, you have decided to try your luck in the online world. So let me introduce you to various ways of making money online, which I have written below in point by point order for your easy understanding. You should give a chance to every option to find out which one suits your inherent quality and limitation.

Way1# Start a Blog:
You can start your own blog in no time in a paid or free blogging platform. If you choose to go with a paid option like self-hosted WordPress blog then you have to buy a domain and hosting plan to run your blog. If you are skeptical about whether blogging will work for you or not then I suggest you go with the free option, but it is always advisable to go with a paid option if you are serious about blogging. After getting your blog set up and running, you have to select a profitable niche to write some good quality articles on it. Now you have to monetize your articles with an advertising network to earn money.

  • Free Blogging Platform
    • Blogger
    • Wordpress
    • Wix
    • Tumblr
    • Medium
    • Squarespace
    • Many More...

Way2# Do Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing process where you will promote products or services you find useful. To do this, you have to create a blog with keyword rich domain name and write attractive content to convince the reader to buy the product you are promoting. When buyers will make a purchase of the product using your link, you will earn smart commissions from the seller of the product.

Way3# Write Guest Post:
You can write great quality articles with the original idea for the websites like WikiHow and you will receive a decent amount of money if your articles get accepted by them. here is the 700+ Guest Post Website List 2019 where you can write your idea, opinion & art, etc without any hesitation and the main thing it's Completely FREE! of charge.

Way4# Become a content writer:
If you are very good at writing and you have a rock solid grammar, then you are good to go for writing contents demanded by the client. You have to join sites like iWriter to find clients who are ready to buy your service.

Way5# Sell your services:
Are you a web developer or a master of coding? You definitely can earn extra bucks by utilizing your coding knowledge. Sites like Fiverr is filled with such clients who are ready to pay for good quality services in areas like SEO, video making, logo making, coding, web-designing, etc.

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Way6# Buy and sell domains:
You can start a business of buying and selling domains. The idea behind this business is that you have to buy domains with a good name and then you have to sell them to the prospective buyers who are ready to pay heavy sums of money to get this domain name.

Way7# Teach online:
If you are very good on any subject then you can start teaching students online across the globe and earn smart money through websites like Transtutuor.

Way8# Sell goods in an online store:
Are you a born entrepreneur and already owning a business in bricks and mortar form, then you can start selling your goods through various online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, etc.

Way9# Do Website Testing:
This is a very easy job in comparison to blogging and affiliate marketing. You will just require a desktop or laptop, a headphone with mic, a good internet connection and a quiet place. You will have to express your thought in words over the mic while using a website. You have to tell the things you like and dislike in the design and ease of use of these websites. You can register yourself as website tester in websites like UserTesting and start making money.

Way10# Become a YouTuber!:
YouTube has become one of the most used video libraries. You and I always depend on YouTube to find a video tutorial on any subject or good content. Therefore, if you are good at acting or have great skills to teach people, then you can become a YouTube video blogger. You will receive money from Google on the basis of the ads placed on your video.

Way11# Selling online tutorial course:
If you know any subject better than anyone else does, you can create a video course on this subject and sell it in the platforms like Udemy.

Way12# Become a virtual assistant:
If you like to help people to their routine task then you can become a virtual assistant. You will get paid on an hourly basis for your services. You will require a good internet connection, Skype and other prescribed software to meet the client’s need.

These ways you can earn better than doing any job of other works even sitting at your home! If you like this article you can share with your loved one & friend circle. because sharing is caring. thanx for giving your valuable time to reading this post.

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