How to Play Audio Video Music using Command Prompt?

Trick to play audio video music using command prompt!

Question is, “Why in the name of the holy cow will you want to do that unless you just want to experiment?” There are tons of media players out there! Anyway, since you have asked this question, we will help you out.

Since we are talking ‘Command Prompt’ we are looking at the Windows operating system. We will make an assumption that you know how to launch your command prompt window but just in case you don’t well tell you that as well. So, worry not! We are here to help.

  • So, here is how we play an audio file using command prompt:

STEP 1: Hit Win+R on your keyboard. In other words, press down the Windows key and then press R key. This will open a small box called the Run dialog.

STEP 2: In the small box, you will see another small box where you can type. Write ‘cmd’. Don’t use the inverted commas. Hit the Enter button.

STEP 3: The command prompt will open.

STOP! Don’t rush. Let the command prompt sit there. Follow these steps:
  • Open the folder where the song is located.
  • See if the song you want has spaces in between the names. If yes, remove the spaces completely or replace spaces with the underscore (_) or dash (-). A file name with spaces will not work.
  • On top of the file browser window, you can see the path something in the form: This PC > Local Disk (D:) > Songs > Music. Well, this path can differ from one computer to another depending on where you have stored your music file.
  • Click on the path and you can see it change into an absolute path. Something like this: D:\Songs\Music.
  • Copy this absolute path or simply remember it.
  • Now return to your command prompt and follow the remaining steps mentioned below.
STEP 4: Either type in the absolute path or perform a single right click to have the absolute path automatically pasted on the command prompt. So, it will look something like this: 

C: \Users\YourName>D:\Songs\Music

STEP 5: At the end of that like type in the song or the file name you want to play along with the extension. So, if you want to play a song say “Dil Mera Churaya Kyun”, you should add \Dil-Mera-Churaya-Kyun.mp3. Now the line will look something like this:

C: \Users\YourName>D:\Songs\Music\Dil-Mera-Churaya-Kyun.mp3

STEP 6: Hit the Enter button on your keyboard and Windows Media Player will open and play the song.

Here is how you play a video file using command prompt:

It is very rational for anyone to keep the videos in a separate folder compared from that of audio files. Assuming that you have the videos in your D drive in a folder called Movies and the video you want to play is the movie named ‘The Hulk’ kept in a subfolder called ‘Hulk Series’, this is what you need to type in your command prompt:

  • C: \Users\YourName>D:\Movies\Hulk-Series\The-Hulk.avi

Note that the spaces between the movie name and the folder name have been replaced by dashes (-). This is absolutely necessary because having spaces will not allow playing the files. It will simply show an error message.

Now hit enter and Windows Media Player will open and play the video.

Points to Remember:
  • YourName will be replaced by the actual username of your PC. You don’t have to do anything.
  • If you have set up any other media player like VLC as your default player, the file will still be opened in default player of Windows.
  • In case you are using Windows 10, files will open with applications called Groove Music (for audio files) and Movies & TV (for video files).
  • Only the file types supported by the default players of the operating system in use will play. For instance, .mkv files are not supported by Windows Media Player by default. You may have to download Media Player Codec packs separately before trying to play unsupported file formats.
  • Remember that the above methods will work only and only for Windows operating system. Methods differ for Macintosh and Linux or UNIX operating systems.
That’s all! There is nothing more to do. See, we asked you a question at the very beginning. You must have the answer by now. It is too complicated a path for playing simple audio or video file using a command prompt. Still, the choice is yours!
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