Process To Make FD(Fixed Deposit) in SBI

In the computer world, everything is possible online. So for the customer help and satisfaction, every bank has internet banking. By the use of internet banking a customer make and break fixed deposit(FD) online at any time. State bank of India has also made banking easier and now you can transfer money or create FD while sitting at your home. It is very simple to create an FD in the state bank of India and also you would be saved from long wait in the bank. We have provided steps on how to make a Fixed deposit in SBI Online.

Step By Step {Online Process} To Make FD In State Bank Of India!!

Step 1: Go to the link  and you will see this screen. Basically, you need to go to personal banking login

Step 2: After clicking on Personal banking login you will see below screen which tells about some of the safety measures that everyone should take while using online banking

Step 3: Click on continue to Login and you will see the login page

Step 4: Than enter your Internet banking username and password and click on the login button.

Step 5: After open the account click the e- fixed deposit tab which is present on top of the screen and you will get the following screen.

Step 6: Select the e-TDR / e-STDR (Fixed Deposit) option, basically, e-TDR is electronic Term deposit and is the same as Fixed deposits. click on the proceed button which will open the below page.

Step 6: then fill the amount which you want to make FD and if you are a senior citizen so select the option otherwise left it and you will see two option.

STDR(Cumulative – Interest paid at maturity) 

In STDR you will get the interest at the time of maturity of the FD so select this option.

TDR(Non-Cumulative – Interest paid at selected intervals)

In TDR you will get the interest at a selected interval of time. This option will pay you the interest periodically and is good for the one who requires money at certain intervals

After that select the checkbox of the term and condition and then click on submit button. when you click the submit button it ask once again for confirmation with all filled entry so check all entry and if all entry is correct so click on confirm button.

Benefits of Making Online SBI FDs
This is my personal experience. I had made some traditional hard copied SBI Fds, I had made then when I was posted in Mumbai. My job made me shift to Gurgaon. One day I need to encash those SBI Mumbai FD's to my nearest Gurgaon SBI Branch. To my shock, the bank employee said that I will have to submit these FDs and they will courier it to Mumbai SBI branch in which I had originally made these Fds and then they would encash it and deposit the money in my account.  Since I needed money urgently so this process was not viable for me. know the Top Bank Saving Guide In 2019

If I had made these FDs online anywhere in the word. I would have broken then in a few clicks. Thus making Online SBI Fds reduces your time to make and brake FDs.

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