SSUP Update – Aadhar Status Update, Aadhar Correction/Changes Online!

SSUP Portal or Aadhar Self Service Update Portal: – Maybe you are still not aware of the SSUP portal but It is started by UIDAI. As you know that UIDAI is managing all information related to aadhar card so it has a huge responsibility to give the best service to Indian People as well as secure the individual data.

UIDAI started Aadhar Self Service Update Portal in 2016 to give online solution like changing information online, Updating aadhar card, Aadhar Status Update and many more. Many Indians are familiar with the online process and has the capability to do so keep in mind that government created news portal whose name is SSUP. Through this portal peoples can save a lot of time and effort but you should know the full process of SSUP and type of aadhar work you can do online.

There is a lot of question roaming in your mind and this article will help you in finding all answer so you must read SSUP guide article so that get full clarity on aadhar self service update portals.

Everyone can take some common services at SSUP Portal like Aadhar Card Update Status, Online Correction in Aadhar, any Online Changes in Aadhar and many more.

What is Online Aadhar Self Service Update Portal?
The Indian government is trying making all government works online or attaching with the digital world so that respective organisation gets more efficiency as well as accuracy in works. UIDAI is also trying to make things more digital, paperless and wanted to reduce the burden of Digital Seva Kendra.

So UIDAI has launched a new website or portal through which people will do many more works related to aadhar card without going anywhere and that is SSUP or Aadhar Self Service Update Portal. It is an online platform which is accessible across the world and does aadhar related works on the SSUP Portal.

SSUP Update | Types of Service Available
You can take a lot of services through the SSUP portals but not all aadhar services so in this section you should get information about types of services available on SSUP Portals. Aadhar Self Service Update Portal provides the following services for the public.
  • Check Aadhar Update Status
  • Update Aadhar Information Like Address, Mobile, Email etc
  • Change Aadhar Address, Mobile Number, and many more
  • Verify Aadhar Number, Mobile Number and Email
  • SSUP portal is providing services in these sections and many other whose details are available on the SSUP website.

Key Notes when you Use Aadhar Self service Portal
It is important to section for all those people who are using the ssup portal. It is necessary to know the benefits and requirements needed while using Aadhar Self Service Portal or using any online platform.
  • It is a government website so it is safe to upload any documents in that as per the requirements.
  • You must upload all the documents as per the given format on the website.
  • You must have registered mobile number as well as email address if you want to change anything in your aadhar card.
  • You can update aadhar card from any part of the world but you should upload the Indian government approved documents in case SSUP demand.

Change and Update through SSUP – Name, Address, Email, DOB, Mobile Number
Aadhar Self service Update Portals offer lot services and these services are very easy if you know the full process. So you should know each process and details are given below.

Change/Update Name in Aadhar Card through SSUP
It is very rare that people get the wrong name in aadhar but you can do changes in your name without going any aadhar centre and queuing hours. May you are getting the question in your mind How? So the answer is going to given in below section.

All these steps to change and update aadhar card name though aadhar self service update portal is verified and it will work if you perform an action on original sites.

So steps are:-
  1. Here you go to SSUP by clicking this link, Log in to the portal with the help of aadhar number and OTP which will come on your registered number.
  2. After that click on the section which you want to change so in this section, you should check on name.
  3. Now enter the full name without any mistakes and name must match according to your 10th
  4. The name prefix like Mr And Ms Will take as per the gender so you don’t bother about that.
  5. The same process is also applicable if you want to change mother and father name
  6. Now in the next section of SSUP, you should provide the document to proof of your name
  7. So you must keep the scan copy of any government approved documents in which your name correct.
  8. Upload the scanned copy of documents and finish by checking whole details.
  9. Through these steps, you can do changes in your name, father name and mother name.

Change/Update Date of Birth in your Aadhar Card through SSUP
A lot of aadhar cardholder has made complains about the wrong date of worth in aadhar and due that they were unable to provide in government work as an identity card. It is important that you have a correct date of birth in aadhar card if you want to use without any difficulty in anywhere in India.

If you looking to change the date of birth in aadar card through the aadhar self service update portal then follow the below given portals.

So steps are:-
  1. You should follow the first 2 steps which are given in the above section and rest are described in that
  2. In that step, you should enter the right format like “DDMMYYYY” which is also highlighted in the online application.
  3. The date of birth must math with 10th or sslc certificate or any other government documents.
  4. People must not enter the old date of birth because it will give you an error so your date of birth date must be different from previous.
  5. If you are correcting the DOB then only correct that and not touch any other column and submit application though SSUP
  6. Now your application for changing DOB has been submitted and you should check your stats of new aadhar in SSUP portal

Change/Update Address in your Aadhar Card through SSUP
Aadhar is the best to document for address proof but many people get a wrong address on that card after submitting the right address. So, UIDAI has launched Self Service Update Portals through which anyone can able to update the address.

If you are one of them who wants to change the address in aadhar card then you must follow the below-given details.

So Steps to Change Address through Aadhar SSUP
  1. You should visit the SSUP website and login in that through mobile number as well as OTP verification.
  2. After that select the address which one you are going to changes and click for next
  3. Enter the proper address as you have in any address supportive govt verified documents
  4. In the next section, you should upload the valid document which will verify your changed address
  5. Submit the application for change and wait 10 to 15 days for all background work.

Change/Update Mobile Number and Email Id in your Aadhar Card through SSUP
Indians have a habit of changing the mobile number as well as email Id and that create a lot problem in future. You can take examples like aadhar card and any other government process where mobile number frequently uses.

If any Indians have recently changed mobile number then you must update mobile number and email in aadhar card. You can do through the aadhar card self service update portal without any ones help if you will follow the below given steps.
  1. First, you have to login SSUP with old credential
  2. Now after that check on email and mobile number check box
  3. In the next section, you should enter the email and mobile number after that proceed towards the next step.
  4. In the final step, verify all the details and submit for the UIDAI process and wait a few days for updated aadhar card.
  5. Aadhar Self Service Update Portal is the only destination if you want to change online in aadhar card and if you applied for any changes then you will get a URN number which is also known as Update Request Number. URN is useful for checking aadhar update status, downloading updated aadhar and many other works.
Above all steps are verified and working with any persons and document so if you got help through this article then feel free to comment and also share any query if you have.

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