What is Identity Theft?

As science and technology are growing day by day, so is the threat to your security and identity. On the same lines, identity theft is a kind of fraudulent activity which results in the loss of personal data, like usernames, password, banking information or credit card number and thereby causing unexpected loss to you and your assets.

There Numerous Ways in Which Identity theft can Happen.

  • Phishing and Vishing: Phishing is derived from the word ‘fishing’. Thieves could be phishing for your identify if you’ve ever received an email from a ‘bank’ or ‘financial institution’ asking for your account information. You may receive an email from the bank and once you click on that link it would ask for your username and password. However, they are not exactly a bank’s websites, but just a look-alike. These kinds of thefts could be done through emails, known as ‘phishing’ and even through phone, known as ‘Vishing’.
  • Spyware thefts: Spyware is a malicious program that installs itself on your PC and enables thieves to record your personal information such as credit card information, password or other details. These programs can come to your computer through any external attachment like USB drives, CD drives, etc.

Other forms of identity theft
Thieves looking for identity thefts have no limits and resort to several other ways of stealing your information. Skimming is another way in which they get your ATM or credit card information by installing a card reader on an ATM machine. Mailbox raiding, dumpster diving, medical benefits frauds, corporate data breach and thefts through social networking sites are few other modes these thieves can resort to for your crucial information.

People involved in identity theft are equally competent than people involved in developing positive technology. With every new technology emerging for benefit of the people, potential thieves and innovative ways of identity thefts are being discovered day by day. All we can do to protect ourselves under such a situation is to be aware and cautious.

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