World’s Largest Rail Tunnel (Gotthard Base Tunnel, 57KM) Switzerland!

The much awaited Gotthard Base Tunnel has finally opened on 1st June 2016, Wednesday. The 57 Kilometers long railway tunnel, Gotthard Base Tunnel, has broken the record of Japan Seikan Railway Tunnel which is 53.9 kilometers long. From 1st June 2016 onwards the GBT becomes world’s largest railway tunnel. The tunnel runs through the Alps, Switzerland.

Gotthard Base Tunnel  - World’s Largest Rail Tunnel In Switzerland

  • The tunnel is 57 kilometers long, but if you include the cross passages, tubes and such then the length of the tunnel is nearly 152 kilometers.
  • The total of 152 kilometers of rail channel runs through the Alps Mountain.
  • The construction work has been started in 1999 and finished in this year that is 2016. So the construction of the tunnel took long 17 years to complete and ready to use.
  • There will be more than 250 freight trains and 65 passenger trains will be traveling through the tunnel every day.
  • The name of the tunnel was given after the Gotthard and also Gotthard Pass.
  • The speed of each train will be almost 200 kilometers per hour as per the railway department of Switzerland.

Gotthard Base Tunnel  – What to expect!
The tunnel is made for the people who want to save time while traveling. It is said that traveling through this tunnel cn cut down your travel time by a high percentage. But on the other people who love to taste the beauty of nature will not be very happy with the tunnel.

As mentioned those 65 passenger trains and 260 freight trains will travel at a speed of 200 km per hour, people who are traveling from Zurich to Milan for work can save at least an hour by this journey. On the inauguration day, more than 1200 people will be gathered and 500 people will get free tickets to experience this extraordinary journey through the Alps Mountain.

Gotthard Base Tunnel  – Advantage and Disadvantage
The GBT is definitely a boon for the traveler as it reduces journey time hugely. On average you will save 45 minutes from your every journey. The traffic of heavy vehicles, roadblocks and such incidents will not have occurred here.

On the other, if you are a nature lover then this journey will not be worth the money you’re spending as you won’t be able to see nature while traveling through the tunnel.

Gotthard Base Tunnel  – Things to know

  • For the first time, the idea of this tunnel was penned by Carl Eduard Gruner in 1947.
  • After long 69 years finally, the tunnel has opened for the ordinary people.
  • The cost of this entire tunnel is nearly $12 billion.
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