Causes of Depression: Depression is a Dangerous Disease

Depression is a mental disorder which affects the thoughts, feelings, actions and physical health of the sufferer. what causes Depression is a complex mental illness and there are numerous reasons in which the disease can occur. Although it is difficult to attribute what causes depression to a single factor, it is likely that a combination of biological, environmental, genetic and psychological factors contribute to the development of depression. 

Biological Factors

In trying to understand what causes depression, it seems to appear that there is a key difference in the brains of depressed people in comparison to those who are not affected by suffers dealing with depression. Studies utilizing MRI scans have revealed that areas of the brain that control behaviour, thinking, appetite mood and sleep are significantly different amongst depressed individuals. Neurotransmitters have also been implicated in what causes depression as it is hypothesized that individuals with depression have decreased amounts of serotonin and or epinephrine.

Environmental Conditions that Cause Depression

In the “male” world, some of us would jokingly say that what causes depression for us was that our football team is losing games or our truck has broken down again. But today we seem to be seeing more cases of depression in men who are trying to handle home, family & work commitments. We see more and more depression in women who are also trying to handle workloads, relationships & family. Then we have depression in teenagers due to studies, exam result expectations & even bullying. Then at the other end, we have depression in older adults as they retire and then get in a rut, or start seeing loved ones pass one. Everyday life seems to have a potential trigger for what causes depression. Then to top it all off we have depression in the workplace due to conflicts in interpersonal relationships, traumatic events such as abuse and stress from work or school. Social isolation and major events such as graduating, moving, marriage, losing a job or getting divorced have also been identified as additional triggers for what causes depression.

Psychological Factors

Some of the Symptoms of Depression could be specific personality traits such as low self-esteem or pessimistic attitude. Passive behaviours, perfectionist thinking and emotional sensitivity may also be the other reason for what causes depression. People with these personality traits are more likely to view themselves negatively. Especially when they encounter a problem or major life event. In this way, it is thought that environmental and psychological causes of depression are closely related.

Depression is a major health concern around the world today. Having found out that you have depression is not something that is simply cured by taking a pill. It is believed that what causes depression is the result of a number of things. What can cause depression is your choice of lifestyle. If you feel that you hate going to work then you should perhaps find out why you hate it & if you can’t change the circumstances then you should look for another career. If you are in an abusive relationship, then get out of it. If you have moved to a new area then you need to make the effort to get out and join in with the community.

With social media, you can now link up with support groups. They can help you make better lifestyle choices.  The main thing is to remember that you can ask for help.  Try to understand what causes depression by researching all the different avenues that are available to you. you can get lots of information from the internet. Also, good information is freely given at support groups. There are also social media groups that focus on various aspects but use with caution.  Do not use social media as your only friends. You need to get out and mix with real live humans.

Once you have been able to understand what causes depression, you can then start to make plans to move ahead.

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