Is Cheating a Solution to a Troubled Relationship?

Men and women find themselves cheating because of a variety of factors. Here I will discuss the ones which seem to be common to both. For as long as I can remember this is one of the major issues that threaten to rock a relationship. You might have gone through it or saw first hand the effects it had on people you care about.

To this day I do not quite get it. Why do people cheat? What is it that they lack so much that they even consider the possibility that they will find it elsewhere? How can you tell that they are not being faithful?

I could point out the varying notions why people have looked for love outside marriage or their relationships- actually, can it be called love? For conversation's sake, I will call it comfort.

The grass always looks greener on the other side right? But is that always the case or do we see what we would like it to look like? A glimpse of what you want only you have the misguided notion that you can get it elsewhere. Below are some of the Reasons why people have had affairs.

The Reasons Why People Have Had Affairs!

1) Boredom
People are always looking for something new. They become easily bored with the same routine.

The problem is that often people look for someone to blame, that way it becomes easy to justify their moves and actions. If you are tired with the same old routine who do you expect to break it?

Seriously you should break the routine. Where do you come off claiming that your partner is boring as if you are any fun? So before you start pointing fingers do a checklist on yourself first. 

2) Change
This is by far the most common line that everyone uses. 'I just realised that s/he had changed. S/he was no longer the same person I fell in love with, ' Whoa that's a little bit harsh wouldn't you say. In most cases, if you notice a change in your partner that change reflects back to you.

One person does not just change. If s/he is no longer the same person you fell in love then it should be okay for both of you to cheat........Hard to fathom right. What most people fail to realise is that with the time you become occupied with dealing with issues that affect you're well being.

Maybe those issues were not a big deal before a commitment was made in a relationship, but sooner or later responsibility or accountability turns to impact people differently hence the noticeable change in behaviour. 

3) Lack of Communication
I read somewhere that women are better at communication, as opposed to their male counterparts. Maybe I am phrasing it wrongly since communication involves 2 or more parties. I guess what I am saying is that women tend to lay out how they feel on the table. Visit!

There might be issues of overreacting and exaggeration but at least the good thing is their partners tend to know what it is that ticks them off. Men, on the other hand, are subtle. Each mistake is written in some black book that you do not even know exists until such a time when they feel they should lay down to you how much you are no good.

What is my point again, people are unfaithful because of this failure to communicate. I am not saying men cheat more than women, anyone can cheat. Lack of healthy conversations is just one of the reasons why. 

4) Seeking Attention
If your partner feels that you are not giving her/him the attention they deserve they will seek it elsewhere. Attention also includes intimacy. Drastic means yes, but everyone deserves to feel loved. Cheating only hurts the people you love. It will begin with a single need to flirt with other people.

I am not opposed to flirting, but flirting with other people when you are either in a relationship that can only lead to the downfall of your relationship. If you are flirting because you are looking for a relationship that is fine, but flirting as an escape of your troubled relationship is definitely a No. 

5) The Thrill of it All
Some people are just in love with the whole idea of doing something in secret. I can never quite get it but that is what most people do say.

Despite all the various reasons I have given above, none whatsoever justifies the pain hurt and damage you do to your already ailing relationship. It actually might sound like fun in the beginning, but in the long run, you only destroy yourself. 

6) No Commitment Involved
There are no questions asked, you can come and go as you like. What more can anyone ask for? But if anyone is ever really content with such a relationship then there is something seriously wrong.

The whole purpose of the bonds we form is so that in the long run we have people to depend on. But to be content with a relationship where you can just come and go as you please shows there is no connection in this relationship. 

The question then becomes how do you save your relationship from infidelity? Will there ever be a guarantee that your partner will never cheat on you? Truth is you do not know. The best thing is work on your relationship, sad thing though is sometimes even the smallest issue can cause people to drift. Why is this still the case?

Can any of the reasons above really justify why people cheat? Yes, they are the reasons given, but they do sound more like excuses. What is society's Contribution to all this? 
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