Do Society's Views On Affairs & Cheating Actually Affect Relationships?

Do society's views on affairs and cheating actually affect relationships? Read on and find out society's part in the downhill of relationships.

For decades, or is it centuries, society has condoned cheating, especially if the perpetrator is male. It's like it is natural and we are expected to accept it for that is just the way it is.

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How often have you heard your pals or even elders say "That's what men do? He will come back to you" SERIOUSLY!!!!! And you are supposed to be the dotting and loving partner, waiting for someone who has obviously betrayed your confidence in them. And when the tables are turned do we get the same comforting statements or is society quick to come up with labels such as "she is weak'.

Society, though it defines who we turn out to be, does not really give people the chance to prove themselves. Cheating in itself never solves anything. It is a problem that you actually add on an already sinking relationship. The important thing is to work on your relationship, not think about how you will look at the end of the day.

People are always looking for ways to complicate relationships and then blame it all on relationships. There are some people who actually live for that drama in their life. Without it all, they do not feel complete.

Having an affair is never the way out. It will eat your partner up for the rest of their life and they will always wonder what they did wrong, even when it is not entirely their fault.

Do you really need to be in the arms of another who/man to realise that you love your partner? That is ridiculous.

You will be amazed by people's reaction especially towards those at the receiving end ie those who have been cheated on. The shame that you go through is inexplicable. The stigma that you face like you have some abominable contagious disease. All around you, people look at you, eyes overflowing with pity

Empathy I could get, but pity like you brought this on yourself. In most African societies people even go as far as ask you 'what did you do? Like you are the villain in all this. Like it's all your fault.

Then if you stay society spends a lifetime pointing at you like you were supposed to leave. People react differently and just because one person decides to stay does not mean that they did not hurt.

The blame is always cast on the female partner. If a man cheats it is all her fault, she did not know how to take care of her man. If she cheats then she is wrong, fickle and loose and again it is all her fault. This bias towards one sex needs to stop because if something is bad, it should be clearly pointed out that it is bad, no sides are taken.

People cheat for a variety of reasons, but people condone it more when it is a man cheating rather than vice versa. In a way they seem to say that it is alright for men to cheat, after all, they are men so that should absolve them of all blame and shame.

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If a man cheats he goes about his business character intact, but the same would not be said if the roles were to be reversed. It is only then that you begin to see the horror and shock on peoples faces.

Do not get me wrong, I am not advocating for cheating to be legalised or anything, far from it. I am simply asking that people call a spade a spade and remove that notion that cheating is normal in men.

We cannot always control what other people do to us but we can always change our own actions. A life well lived I believe is a life where you have held your part of the bargain.

People will always hurt you and make you feel less and less proud of yourself. But the satisfaction comes when you know to look in the mirror and know for a fact that you were the best you could ever be.

Then a number of affairs later, people look at you and feel sorry for you. Sorry that you stayed. As if you had no choice, but what they do not understand is that you made a choice and decide to stay.

So, No they do not have a right to look at you and feel sorry for you. Yes, it does not make sense to them, but ultimately this is about you and your partner.

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